Natalia Gart Fashion House was founded in 2014 however it has already gained public respect and a well­standing professional reputation. Combining demi­couture dresses and ready­to­wear line of clothes Nataia Gart team uses only high quality pure fabrics, handwork embroidery and unique designer prints while embracing its creativity.

Natalia Gart, the brand founder, had been graduated in three different areas of economics and had taken high positions in other fields before she started over in fashion.

The idea of her own line of clothes that would be an example of up­to­date though everlasting classic elegance had been haunting Natalia for a while and hence resulted in her own fashion brand.

All Natalia Gart clothes meticulously satisfy the fashion house principles that include exclusive use of high quality pure fabrics, laconic silhouettes present and dominant in each collection and scrupulous handworking with each item.

The actual Natalia Gart brand symbol is a weaved braid. However there is a special symbol for each collection picturing the geometric ornament used in the clothes garnish. The spring­summer 2016/17 collection ornament is inspired by the shape of butterfly wings while the fall­winter 2016/17 one is shaped as a hair comb that became a key point of the collection.

The Natalia Gart brand mission is to create clothes that would accentuate a woman’s individuality and to help compose a matching stylish wardrobe.

The whole range of models beginning with business suits and ending with evening dresses slightly but distinctively resemble each other in the brand touch. It’s like every item has a special flavour bouquet with only one note identical for all.

That is a hard and unusual thing to pursue for a fashion house due to the constant change of seasons and trends.

The demi­couture line features exclusive evening dresses often enchased with Swarovski crystals or garnished with hand embroidery.

The ready­to­wear line includes elegant pantsuits, business and cocktail dresses, coats with applications, silk blouses and many others that would add a hint of aristocracy to a casual wardrobe.

The accessory line establishes geometric clatches that would perfectly accompany and complete an evening outfit.

The fashion house owns an atelier which provides the opportunity for making clothes within the catalogue range to order and to satisfy a client’s most eccentic tastes bringing his ideas to life.

Natalia Gart flagman boutique is based in the centre of Moscow, on the Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., 16.


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